Looking for a lost cat

Spent Saturday night looking for a friend's lost cat, as you do. The cat is still lost and it's a very sad situation - it makes me extra grateful for the fact that Bug-now-dubbed-'Cha-cha' has zero interest in the outside world except for a vendetta against the blackbird that lives in the fig tree outside (meaning that she watches it through the window at dawn and gets upset)

Old sign for 'Geelong St'

Living across the tracks from a paint factory is good

On the right is a conveyor belt factory

Waiting for minimum chips

Sunshine North, again

I wasn't going to get out of the car but I needed to know what was inside this giant white box thing


Mystery solved - nothing of value was inside the box, just more garbage

There were lots of onions on the ground for some reason

I thought I spooked these crows but it was actually some random in a 4WD that drove up the valley escarpment and along the railway line while I just stood there and I didn't know whether to make eye contact or not so it was kind of awkward

That's a lot of oil

I only just realised this is where the onions came from

I stopped by Solomon Heights and my presence triggered an alarm on the solar-powered doover to the right which was irritating so I left. Interestingly there was very little in the way of hard rubbish so I think it's working


Importers Salvage Centre

Just some things I filmed on my phone

A little from column A (West Footscray) a little from column B (Ardeer)

What's really cool is that the internet cut out as I was about to post this so half the images were really low resolution. I fixed it (wow!!) even though it doesn't matter

This is the former Albion Quarrying Company site, later used for landfill, and then Sunshine Energy Park

I didn't take this while driving FYI. I pulled over because I'm good

As per an earlier post on this blog, someone wrote things on graffitied trains in the rail yard across the road, which I found funny. This one says "lovin the squiggles"
"You call this art ?"

"Art for art sake"


Someone left containers of raw onion in Footscray Market. This wasn't the only one, there were two more within 10 meters
I have a surplus of paprika at home but I'm still going to buy this if only to put it on a shelf and look at it. Isn't it the coolest tin

No thanks