I forgot about this blog

Sorry I haven't had anything to share - I'll change that next year. I spend so much time trawling through old newspapers that I actually have a lot of blog content, I just can't be bothered organising the non-quarry things, or formatting them for this space. So here's a lazy attempt: I found this advertisement for the area I grew up in, which I didn't know until now was actually a ULA project. Strange that the second ad says it's in Sunshine - I assume the border between Sunshine and St Albans shifted at some point

Gratham Green to the immediate south-west was another ULA thing - I've written about that here before. I wouldn't mind writing something 'proper' on it so this is a note to self: do it after thesis

The Age, March 1 1991 p. 64

The Age, 28 April 1990 p. 8


Sirius in 35mm

I got another roll of film developed. That's all


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I went and got some film developed which I thought was from Sydney but definitely wasn't. Oh well

For the record this film expired in 2006 or 2007. I have twenty rolls like this which I hope to use up over summer, because they're 100 ISO and will be useless in winter

I didn't realise how old these photos were until I saw this. It was an empty block of land behind my building which now has a bunch of apartments on it (this has been the case for about a year now). I cannot for the life of me tell when I took this photo though. Maybe 2014? Early 2015?  


Feeding the cats

The owner of the once-missing cat is away so I have to feed her two cats until Monday I think. It would be easier if my car wasn't at the mechanic but it's still a nice walk with a lot of things to see until I get tired of it all, which will probably happen tomorrow

What remains of 'Colours and Chemicals', RIP 
Even when the factory is closed on weekends they continue to play the radio over speakers in the warehouse

This would be a nice street to live in

How did this happen. I must know

Where am I

Don't dump rubbish here 
Nice stairs

That's a plush white tiger head in the window. I thought it was weird but turns out this is where opera props are stored


Good news

The lost cat mentioned a few weeks ago was eventually found under a house. Apparently she ate four sachets of cat food as soon as she got home. Amazing!

Meanwhile my own cat is a jerk. Her tuna loin obsession is getting out of hand and I think she hid her brush somewhere because I can't find it


Sirius-ly that's a lot of photos for one post

I don't need to provide an explanation for this, do I? The Sirius building is great. I like it a lot, and it was nice to see it up close. I used up an entire roll of film here which is completely unprecedented (will post when I get them developed).

These photos may seem out of order and you'd be right to think that based on past posts where I've noted this being a thing - but I actually did a weird loop then walked back and then walked the same way a second time. Who cares. Just enjoy the photos

The sun came out for one second then it got overcast again so most of these photos have a drab hue to them. Not my fault

Love the philodendron growing out of a tiny gap

This lavender-pastel-cornflower-y blue is excellent

You probably (definitely) can't tell but the leftmost apartment still had furniture in it, most of it was very Kmart circa 2015, so either someone left it behind (no longer on trend) or a very lame squatter lives there now

I heard a door slam while taking this photo. How cute is that gate? It's so ineffective

I can't get over these bricks, or the concrete, or the plants

The moss adds a nice touch

Another philodendron!

Across the road - I like it

I assume this was a way into the car park. Didn't take a photo but there were a few cars parked in there

Someone must be watering this plant. Bonus question: could the plant stand have something to do with the metal mandalas made by Matcham Skipper at Monsalvat? It would be nice if it did

If you focus really hard you can see some appliances left on the second floor landing

I can't get over these little spaces in front of each ground floor apartment - living here would've been pretty sweet

As if

I have a thing for these numbers too - most of them were blue but some were red

Another car park entrance to the right


I wonder where these bricks were sourced from - Homebush?

Car park entrance - very nice

What's the point

Rooftop agave plants

This building has weathered very nicely

I heard a dog bark after I took this photo

Just imagine coming home to this! Too good

I enjoy the reflection of the eucalypt

I also enjoy these bird of paradise plants

I took so many photos of these two balconies it isn't funny. Pale blues work well

Wonder who felt entitled enough to put this here

This is getting really repetitive now - but I didn't notice the barbed wire the first time I walked past

Details are important - I assume the hole was for drainage(?)

Someone broke off a door handle and then put it here

Rotting tennis ball in the gutter

One of these things is not like the others

Scalloped blinds need a comeback special

Then I walked past this again

Great view. There was a Census form on the floor of this flat near the window

THIS IS EXCELLENT. And that's it. Thanks for looking and bye